Pocket Tote (Medium)


Looking for a tote bag that does it all? Then the Pocket Tote is for you! With 8 external gusseted pockets, this 18 oz. heavy duty recycled cotton canvas bag is ideal for gardening, crafting, sports, diaper bags, road trips, lake days, and more. Recommended especially for gardeners who need a way to organize gardening tools, seeds, gloves, and fresh picked bouquets! Available in black, hunter, or navy.

Artisan's Description

  • Crafted from 18 oz heavy duty recycled cotton canvas
  • 8 external gusseted pockets, 8" high, running around the entire outside of the bag
  • Multiple ways to keep and store your things
  • Can be used for crafting, gardening, carting supplies to school or going on vacation!
  • These totes will make it so much easier to know where everything is!

Note: This product is a Culture Select item. Culture gift cards and promotions apply!

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