Celebrate Our Reopening!

Hello Culture Ladies!

Although 2020 greatly disrupted industries worldwide, it actually gave us here at Culture of Industry an opportunity to revaluate some of our stock and suppliers. After 9 months of being closed for some winter maintenance, spring cleaning, and summer restocking, we are delighted to be reopening our online doors once again! We're also excited to announce a few little changes here on the website. 


One of the first changes we've made is on our menu bar. To make it easier for you to shop our latest products and collections, we've added these new tabs to the menu:

  • Trending Collections (collections that are trending for the season)
  • Signature Collections (our new highly curated collections)
  • Coming Soon (collections we will be debuting shortly)
  • Holiday Collections (special holiday themed collections)
  • Seasonal Collections (we've tagged our fashion items according to season - fall, winter, spring, and summer).

With this new layout, you'll be able to discover items by catalog type as well as by the latest items in our store. We hope this new layout and organization will make your shopping more practical and inspirational.


Secondly, we're partnering with several new suppliers which gives us a whole new set of product to bring to you. This also changes our shipping operations, which means that shipping times are much quicker! We know you are excited about that as much as we are! No more waiting around for a few weeks for your product -- most of your orders will now arrive within a week.

This new shipping change does limit some of our availability to customers outside the US, so if you're shopping from a different country, please note if that particular product is available to you. Product available to only US customers is noted in the product description. 


Third, we are adding all kinds of new product! This may take us a little while to get everything updated in our system, so please come back and visit us all throughout the rest of the year to see what's new. We're adding products almost daily to our website!


Fourth, we have so many new fun collections for you to enjoy. The time offline gave us some more opportunity to dream and plan, and so we are excited to showcase some of our inspiration to you! Just to give you a little preview of what we're in the next few months, here are a few of our new collections rolling out soon:

- Virtue 

- l'Automne

- A la Francaise

- La Vie en Rose

- Les Amies

- Au Naturale

- Coffee Shop Girl

- Pumpkin Spice

- Give Thanks

- Joyeux Noel



Finally, as we are adding the new product and new categories to our store, you may see a little "construction" on our website. So if you hop on a collection page and there's no product listed yet, come back in a few weeks--there will be a surprise waiting for you! 

Thank you all for your patience with us as we rode out the storm in 2020/2021. We appreciate all of you who have supported us since we began the Culture of Industry journey in 2019. We look forward to seeing you again in our store this fall and winter.

Happy Shopping!

The Culture of Industry Team