Aerum Creative


Aerum Creative is a multi-media jewelry design company based in the UK. Founded in 2018 by designer Abigail Reynolds, Aeurm specializes in creating completely original fine silver pieces inspired by travel, culture, history, and architecture. They currently feature highly unique, hand-forged accessories primarily made of sterling and fine silver, copper, semi precious stones, and precious stones. 



Abigail Reynolds


"Creating is my lifeblood. Since I was a small child, I've taken all the art and craft courses available to me, finally settling on the medium I like most - metal and stones. There's something incredibly satisfying from making something out of raw materials and fire that is durable, beautiful, and inherently valuable." ~Abigail Reynolds 

Aerum Creative is the result of a 30-year journey in creativity and artistic expression. At a young age, Aerum’s founder Abigail Reynolds began taking private art lessons and won awards with pastels and colored pencil. As she matured in her artistic skill, she began exploring pen and ink, printmaking, stained glass, and anything else she could get her hands on. By the time she reached her teen years, she had exhausted the current art curriculum offered in her school.

Around this time, Abigail realized her greatest creative satisfaction was embedded in the realm of three-dimensional objects. As a result, she began to explore the world of jewelry making, using an assortment of rocks, crystals, and shiny objects to forge her creations. Before too long, Abigail began exploring beading and other forms of jewelry making. She finally found her niche with silver-smithing and is currently honing her art form in this medium.

For Abigail, creating wearable art that is beautiful, well-made, and highly finished out of fire, metal, stone, and soot provides great joy and satisfaction. Her artwork is a reflection of the Creator’s love at work in the human heart and life.


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